Mock UIL Problem Sets, Data Files, and Test Key

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    • There is a mock UIL CS competition the week after Thanksgiving Wednesday-Friday. Sign up at https://forms.gle/X2QdQYtiFbgbC49EA. Come to the meeting in room 222 during lunch on Wed the 20th for information on what UIL is and how you can compete.
    • Cyberpatriot State round is Friday, December 6 afterschool.

Club Days

All club meetings will be held during lunch.

    • Mondays - CyberPatriot (room 247)
    • Tuesdays - Quantum Computing (room 247)
    • Wednesdays - LasaCS Club (room 222)
    • Thursdays - Competitive Programming (room 222)
    • Fridays - WICS (room 247)
1.1 - First Day (2nd Wednesday)