Cyberpatriot Round 2 Friday, Nov. 15

Upcoming Major Events and Speakers

    • Cyberpatriot Round 2 is on November 15. See team emails for more info.
    • Mock UIL CS competition next week. More details coming...


This year we are resurrecting the LasaCS Club to serve as the hub for all LasaCS club activity. Each CS club will continue operating and meeting separately; however, there will be more collaboration and shared club resources. All of the CS Clubs share this website and a Slack workspace -- we hope this system makes it easier to find resources and browse our clubs!

Club Days

All club meetings will be held during lunch.

    • Mondays - CyberPatriot (room 247)
    • Tuesdays - Quantum Computing (room 247)
    • Wednesdays - LasaCS Club (room 222)
    • Thursdays - Competitive Programming (room 222)
    • Fridays - WICS (room 247)
1.1 - First Day (2nd Wednesday)