Semifinals is Saturday January 25


Welcome to CyberPatriot! CyberPatriot is an international secondary school competition about cybersecurity and system hardening. Rounds happen throughout fall and partway through the spring, culminating in the National Finals competition in Baltimore, MD (only the top 12 teams in our division across the competition qualify, < 0.4%). Each round, your team of 5 cyber incident responders are placed in the midst of a crisis at a company, which has just discovered an attack on three or four main systems and network. Your job is to contain and fix it all within 6 hours.

Of course, the easiest way to see this exciting, fun, and challenging competition is to experience it yourself through the training and practice rounds. Come to a meeting to learn more.


Jeriah Yu - Chairman

Evan Ellis - Deputy Chairman

Coaches and Mentors

Mr. Shockey:, RM247

Mr. Mueller:, RM222

Mr. Burns: Mentor