LASA Computer Science Clubs

Welcome to the LASACS Clubs website! Here you can find information about LASA's comprehensive computer science club offerings and sign up for clubs you'd like to be a part of.


    • The main Computer Science Club is hosting its official registration/introductory meeting Tuesday, Sep 14 at 505 Mr. Shockey's Room.

    • First WiCS+ meeting on Friday, Sept. 10, during lunch in Shockey's room (505)! There will be donuts!!

    • Want to interact with the LASACS community, get help with a computer science class, or learn more about our clubs? Join the CS Club Discord server!

    • Welcome back LASA Raptors! More information will be posted here and to our Discord about our clubs for this year. In the meantime, if you haven't already, join the LASACS Discord to ask questions about classes, discuss competitions, or just chat.


There are five computer science clubs at LASA, each specializing in a different area/topic related to computer science. All CS clubs meet in Mr. Shockey's classroom, which is room 505, during lunch. Below are a list of the clubs and the days they meet on:

Click on club names to go to their relevant pages

If you're interested in joining any of our clubs, feel free to show up at any time! All of our clubs are set up so that no experience is required-- we're excited to have you! We'd also appreciate if you also filled out this form to let us know you're interested and receive updates and relevant information.

Club Information

View the slideshow below for more information about the different CS clubs at LASA.

1.1 - First Day (2nd Wednesday)