LasaCS Club

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For those of you returning, you may be surprised to find that there is actually a LasaCS Club this year. For those of you new to LASA, we're glad to have you!

Join Us

To sign up, fill out this google form. Membership is free but does not include t-shirts or competition fees. You will have to pay for those separately.


This year we will be covering a broad range of CS topics, so it helps to have a general schedule of what we're doing and when. In general, we've tried to schedule these topics around the competitions they most relate to (Networking during PicoCTF, Exploits during Cyberpatriot, etc...).​​

Here is the rough schedule (so far)

            • 1st 6 Weeks - Intro to CS and Fundamentals (Newcomers' weeks)
            • 2nd 6 Weeks- Networking, Servers, and PicoCTF
            • 3rd 6 Weeks - Exploits and Cyberpatriots
            • 4th 6 Weeks - TBD
            • 5th 6 Weeks - TBD
            • 6th 6 Weeks - TBD


    • Evan Ellis - Junior
    • Alan Baade - Junior