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Welcome to the place to go for everything computer science related. For those of you coming back, get ready for even more competitions, opportunities, and resources, and guest speakers. For those of you new to LASA, we're glad to have you!

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Quick Info

  • Club meetings are on Tuesdays after school, starting at around 4 pm, and lasting around 30-45 minutes.

    • Club meetings are optional for all members.

    • Come to the club showcase on Tuesday, September 15th.

    • Regular meetings will begin on Tuesday, September 22nd

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  • Google Drive Link (Presentations, etc)

  • Communication from the club comes through Slack and the mailing list.

  • Reach us at Slack and Check the contact page for more info.


The Computer Science club is mainly centered around the two main interests of computer science students: Competitions and Projects. Competitions come in wide varieties, covering topics like mathematically rigorous computer science, competitive programming, security, networking, web design, and much more. The most popular competitions at LASA are CTFs, USACO, NACLO, UIL, and CyberPatriot. Projects are independent creations made by students whether they are websites, applications, or research.

Of course, this is making the club sound way too high-brow. Really, the computer science club is a community of people who want to help each other improve in the field they enjoy (and get into a good college).

Here's a rough schedule for our main focuses throughout the year.

            • 1st 6 Weeks - Intro to CS and Fundamentals. Especially essential for freshmen and sophomores. Learn about the opportunities and pathways you take in not just CS, but in the whole STEM field starting now.

            • 2nd 6 Weeks- Getting into a pathway. For new students, start exploring what interests you. For older students, continuing the grind.

            • 3rd 6 Weeks - Welcome to the first season of competitions.

            • 4th 6 Weeks - Lots and lots of UIL.

            • 5th 6 Weeks - PicoCTF around here.

            • 6th 6 Weeks - Here be dragons.

Be sure to join the mailing list when you sign up for the club to avoid missing out on competition dates, guest lectures, and club activities. Emails are sent roughly every two weeks to one month.

Future Leader Presentations

Ari Sharma - Artificial Intelligence - 12/8

Machine Learning Presentation

Nathan Elias - OpenCL - 12/1

Nathan Elias - OpenCL - Presentation

Nathan Jacob - Dynamic Programming - 11/17

Dynamic Programming.pptx


    • Alan Baade - Senior

    • Evan Ellis - Senior

Elections will take place in December or January. Reach out if your are interested in becoming a Computer Science Club officer.