Women in Computer Science (WiCS)!

Who We Are

Welcome to WiCS! We are a group of strong CS-oriented women with a goal to cultivate a community of women in tech and encourage women to pursue technology through outreach, academic initiatives, competitions, and social events.

Why is WICS important?

What are we going to do this year?

This year, we are excited to host many events and fun meetings, including a Hack-a-thon, lots of speakers, presentations, competition practice, game show days, coding practice, study sessions, and more! We'll also be a part of the larger LasaCS club, so events that they host will be available to attend and vice versa (i.e. LasaCS clubs are welcome at WiCS events).

How do I stay updated/join the club?

The method of communication we will be using is Slack! Please note that the general LASA CS Clubs Slack Workspace is different; WICS has its own Slack workspace, so to join our club in specific you must join the LASA WICS workspace! Click here to join. The link to our WICS Slack is lasawics.slack.com. Please join the Slack as we'll be posting all of our updates and messages there. You could also get in touch with us by filling out the contact form below (our email is lasawics@gmail.com). Lastly, if you have any questions, you can always talk to or contact any of the leaders (I promise, we don't bite)!

If you haven't already, make sure to fill out this google form in order to be on the WiCS official member list.

Who are the leaders this year?

Emily Yue - President

Emily Yue is a senior at LASA. Her interest in computer science started in middle school when taking her first web design class. Since then she has taken many other computer science classes. From teaching her sister basic Python to tutoring her other peers, she loves fostering love in computer science in other people. In her free time she watches superhero movies with her siblings, plays piano, and paints.

Anaya Mehta

Anaya is a senior (!!) who is super excited to be leading the WiCS club this year! In the past, she has taken AP Computer Science and Advanced Computer Science and this year, she is taking Independent Study in CS. She enjoys getting girls into STEM, especially CS because STEM is the way to innovate and create a better society. In her free time, she loves dancing, playing violin, and watching comedy shows.

Arushi Harkawat (Vice Pres)

Arushi Harkawat is a senior at LASA. She has been active within the Computer Science community for years, and her favorite part about coding is its versatility. She loves being able to combine coding with another field to foster new technological innovations that can help society. From tech internships to teaching to taking classes, she hopes to be able to help young women find their own passions within STEM and create an empowering, knowledge-filled community!

Eshita Sangani

Eshita is a senior at LASA!! She became interested in computer science when doing “Hour of Code.” Throughout high school, she has taken AP Computer Science and Advanced Computer Science. She enjoys the different applications of CS. She wants to foster a creative community about the various aspects of CS to other young women. In her free time, she loves to hike, play board games, and skate.


WICS Introduction Presentation

WiCS First Meeting 8/30/2019