Women in Computer Science (WiCS)!

Who We Are

Welcome to WiCS! We are a group of strong CS-oriented women with a goal to cultivate a community of women in tech and encourage women to pursue technology through outreach, academic initiatives, competitions, and social events.

Why is WICS important?

What are we going to do this year?

This year, we are excited to host many events and fun meetings including lots of speakers, presentations, competition practice, game show days, coding practice, study sessions, and more! We'll also be a part of the larger LasaCS club, so events that they host will be available to attend and vice versa (i.e. LasaCS clubs are welcome at WiCS events).


Here is the calendar for the first semester. Click the week to view details such as topic, speaker, and description. Our club meets every Friday 4:15-5:15. Zoom links will not be posted online. Please join our email list to receive links to the club meetings. You can find the form for the email list below.

How do I stay updated/join the club?

The methods of communication we will be using are email, Slack, and Remind! Click here to join. The link to our WICS Slack is lasawics2020-2021.slack.com. Please join the Slack as we'll be posting updates, messages, and Zoom links there. You could also get in touch with us by filling out the contact form below (our email is lasawics@gmail.com). Lastly, if you have any questions, you can always talk to or contact any of the leaders (I promise, we don't bite)!

If you haven't already, make sure to fill out this google form in order to be on the WiCS official member list.

Who are the leaders this year?

Adison Lampert


Adison Lampert is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She’s very passionate about increasing the number of women in STEM and has been a part of multiple initiatives to increase those numbers. She’s the founder of def include( ), a summer camp for middle school and high school girls to learn beyond the basics of programming. Additionally, she was selected as one of the ten US Ambassadors for Tech Girls, a US State Department initiative that brings girls from Central Asia and MENA to the US to learn about technology. When she’s not coding or mentoring young girls, Adison likes to watch dating reality shows and read manga. She hopes to pursue a degree in Computer Science and eventually end up in the field of Emotion AI.

Cierra Wickliff

Vice President

Cierra Wickliff is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She has taken several years of computer science classes and wishes to pursue it as a career. She hopes to inspire more girls to study computer science. She is the outreach manager for def include( ), a LASA computer science tutor, co-captain of a gold national semi-finalist team in CyberPatriot, and a Kode with Klossy alum. Outside of school, she works on the web development team for Fed Up, a non-profit focused on shedding light on issues regarding mental health, especially eating disorders. Besides her involvement in computer science, she is the vice president of LASA Raising Awareness for Mental and Physical Disabilities club. While relaxing, she indulges in reading romance novels, watching Netflix, and bullet journaling.

Nihita Sarma

Communications Chair

Nihita Sarma is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School. She is extremely passionate about giving young women the opportunity to learn about and explore STEM in a encouraging environment. She has been interested in STEM since the 3rd grade, when she did a science fair and fell in love with biology. Although she had this interest in STEM, she did not get the opportunity to explore computer science until she took AP Computer Science in the 10th grade. She has been hooked ever since and decided to join WiCS to help others get the same chance to explore their interest in STEM that she did. When she is not coding and reading , Nihita enjoys science experiments, painting, baking, and hanging out with her friends. She is hoping to double-major in computer science and neuroscience.

Lily Yeazell


Lily Yeazell is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She is devoted to increasing the number of women in CS and STEM and tries to do whatever she can to help the cause. Lily was an instructor for def include() last summer to help provide a more welcoming learning environment for girls interested in programming. While she has only been programming for a few years, Lily is very passionate about it and plans to pursue a degree in computer science. In addition to computer science, Lily is interested in physics and computer engineering. She also loves to bake, figure skate, and hang out with friends.

Mentorship Program

This unique, one-on-one mentorship/tutoring program gives underclassmen the opportunity to connect with upperclassmen. Mentors will provide help on school assignments and projects. Additionally, they will meet with their mentee and work on life skills to help them through high school and beyond. If you are interested in becoming a mentee, fill our the form below. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out this form. Note: You must be a student at LASA to sign up.

Current mentors:

  • Adison Lampert (AP Computer Science A, Web and Mobile Development, Advanced Computer Science)

  • Cierra Wickliff (Intro to Computer Science, AP Computer Science A, Web and Mobile Development, Advanced Computer Science)

  • Nihita Sarma (AP Computer Science A, Advanced Computer Science)

  • Lily Yeazell (AP Computer Science A, Advanced Computer Science, Digital Electronics)