Women+ in Computer Science (WiCS+)!

Who We Are

Welcome to WiCS! We are a group of strong CS-oriented women with a goal to cultivate a community of women in tech and encourage women to pursue technology through outreach, academic initiatives, competitions, and social events.

Why is WICS important?

What are we going to do this year?

This year, we are excited to host many events and fun meetings including lots of speakers, presentations, competition practice, game show days, coding practice, study sessions, and more! We'll also be a part of the larger LasaCS club, so events that they host will be available to attend and vice versa (i.e. LasaCS clubs are welcome at WiCS+ events).


Here is the calendar for the first semester. Click the week to view details such as topic, speaker, and description. Our club meets every Friday during lunch in room 505. Please join our email list to receive links to the club meetings. You can find the form for the email list below.

How do I stay updated/join the club?

The methods of communication we will be using are email and Slack! Click here to join. The link to our WiCS+ Slack is lasawics2020-2021.slack.com. Please join the Slack as we'll be posting updates, messages, and Zoom links there. You could also get in touch with us by filling out the contact form below (our email is lasawics@gmail.com). Lastly, if you have any questions, you can always talk to or contact any of the leaders (I promise, we don't bite)!

If you haven't already, make sure to fill out this google form in order to be on the WiCS+ official member list.

Who are the leaders this year?

Luisa Mao


Luisa Mao is a senior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She started learning about computer science as a freshman in the Intro to CS class (shoutout to Mr. Mueller!) and has loved CS ever since. She is a total STEMinist and loves encouraging other women in STEM. She, herself, loves all things Math, Science, and Computer Science. She is especially passionate about quantum computing, which is at the intersection of those three fields. When she's not busy being a sleep-deprived LASA student, she enjoys playing the piano, doing puzzles, coding, hiking, and swimming. In college, she hopes to study quantum computing and its applications in green technologies for climate conservation.

Julia Ding

Communications Chair

Julia is a high school junior from Austin, Texas interested in all things computer science and mathematics-related. She’s passionate about bridging educational and gender gaps and enjoys giving back to the community! In her free time, she enjoy playing the cello, puzzling out fun math problems, competing in hackathons, and making bad puns.

Aurna Mukherjee


Hi, I’m Aurna. I am a sophomore and I started learning about computer science in the summer of 8th grade, and took AP computer science as a freshman. Seeing the gender gap in the class surprised me, and I’m glad that I am continuing to pursue computer science despite this. Although I’m relatively new to it, I really enjoy doing it now, and I plan to continue taking computer science classes throughout high school. My favorite class is logic at the moment, which also ties into some foundational concepts in comp sci. Aside from this, I enjoy singing, reading, and volunteering!

Aishwarya Sreenivasan

Events Coordinator

Aishwarya Sreenivasan is a junior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy. She has been taking computer science classes for many years, and is particularly interested in its applications in the real world, including cryptography, cybersecurity and the creation of applications. In conjunction with her passion for the environment, she aims to have a career in computational sustainability in the future. Having witnessed the glaring lack of representation in computer science, Aishwarya is devoted to increasing diversity in tech. In addition to computer science, she enjoys hiking, reading, and learning about the world around her.